UNIL – University of Lausanne

The Univeristy of Lausanne is currently 101st in the Shanghai Academic Ranking of World Universities.

Today, nearly 15,000 students attend one of seven faculties. UNIL counts some 4,000 staff and its annual budget stands at CHF 630 million.

The Faculty of Biology and Medicine (FBM) was created in 2003. It currently welcomes nearly 25% of the university’s students. The FBM fosters innovation in the fields of basic and clinical research as well as synergies between biology and medicine in favor of fundamental sciences, medical sciences and the benefit of the community.

Visit the University of Lausanne’s website

Read the University of Lausanne’s annual report

The Lausanne Academy was founded in 1537, its vocation being to train ministers for the church. As the centuries passed, the number of faculties increased and diversified until, in 1890, the Academy received the name and status of a university.

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